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LockDown Hotel is prepared for the people who are struck in different states because of the LockDown with no food and shelter. It aims providing two time food and hygenic facilities to our customers free of cost for one month

About Our Hotel

The History Of Our Hotel

Our Hotel is a four star hotel , originated in Noida. But due to the global pandemic Corona Virus our hotel went into huge loss. So we thought of doing some help to our government and the people who are struck in between different states near Delhi. We provide them food and shelter free for one month for the needy people and charge a reasonable price for people who can afford.

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Great Location

The location of our hotel is in the middle of the state so anyone can come here and take advantage of our services.

Free Meals

We provide free meals once a day to people who are on streets and the people staying with us.

Fitness Room

In this LockDown boredem, take care of your health and become fit in our Gym.